Wednesday – January 9, 2019

4 Min AMRAP 27 Pull-ups, 27 Burpees
Max Thrusters 95/65
Rest 4 min
4 Min AMRAP 21 Pull-ups, 21 Burpees
Max Thrusters 115/80
Rest 4 Min
4 Min AMRAP 18 Pull-ups, 18 Burpees
Max Thrusters 135/95
Rest 4 Min
4 Min AMRAP 15 Pull-ups, 15 Burpees
Max Thrusters 155/105

Via Climate CrossFit

WOD Guidance: Ouch! This one is going to hurt. This is meant to be 4 sprint style workouts so push it as hard as you can for those 4 minutes. Choose a version of pull-ups that you can do at least sets of 10 of. Choose a light Thruster weight for first round and add each round. Your score will be amount of Thrusters each round. Reduce reps if needed to ensure you hit the thrusters each round. Only 1 bar can be used.