New Warm Up


New Warm Up

PFCF Members,

Please see our new warm up listed below.  Please arrive early enough to the scheduled class to perform the entire warm up.

400m Run (Rx+ = out/sprint then back/run backwards)

* 10 PVC Pass Throughs

* 10 PVC “Around-the-Worlds” (5 each direction)

10 Air Squats with a Plate (hold plate directly in front of chest raise plate when lowering into squat – works on keeping the chest up)

10 “Around-the-Worlds” with a Plate (5 each direction)

* 10 Down Dog to Up Dogs

* 10 Scorpions

5 Wall Walks

1 Skin the Cat

If you make it with only  a couple minutes to spare, do the * exercises.

If you come in after class has started then 25 burpee penalty should warm you up.