New Warm Up

PFCF Members,

Please see our new warm up listed below.  Please arrive early enough to the scheduled class to perform the entire warm up.

400m Run (Rx+ = out/sprint then back/run backwards)

* 10 PVC Pass Throughs

* 10 PVC “Around-the-Worlds” (5 each direction)

10 Air Squats with a Plate (hold plate directly in front of chest raise plate when lowering into squat – works on keeping the chest up)

10 “Around-the-Worlds” with a Plate (5 each direction)

* 10 Down Dog to Up Dogs

* 10 Scorpions

5 Wall Walks

1 Skin the Cat

If you make it with only  a couple minutes to spare, do the * exercises.

If you come in after class has started then 25 burpee penalty should warm you up.

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