Open Gym – Fri, Apr 7


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PFC CrossFit – Open Gym


400m jog

10 band pass throughs

10 banded overhead squats

10 band pull-aparts

10 band press outs (snatch grip)

10 cossack squats

10 elbow to instep w/reach

10 shoulder to floor

10 scorpions

:20 bar hang


8 scap pull-ups

8 kip swings

2-3 pull-ups (2nd round do C2B)


5 Hang power snatch

5 behind the neck snatch grip press

5 overhead squat

Overhead Squat (Weight)

15 minutes to build to a heavy single for the day.

Francy (Time)

OHS 95/65
C2B Pull-ups
*8 minute time cap

WOD Guidance

During strength portion in between sets of overhead squats warm-up pull-ups and set-up area if choosing a scale.

This workout is intended to be a sprint so choose weight for overhead squat and pull-up version that allows you to move. Choose weight on overhead squat that allows you to complete round of 21 in two sets or less. You should be able to perform sets of 5 on chest to bar pull-ups, if not reduce to pul-up version that allows that. If you do not complete workout in time cap your score will be 8 minutes plus remainingreps will be seconds. But no one is going to get capped right?

Extra Work

3 sets

10-12 bicep curls (per arm)

10 single dumbbell behind headtricep extensions