Open Gym – Thu, Apr 6


Open Gym – Thu, Apr 6

PFC CrossFit – Open Gym


250m jog

:30 air squats

:30 samson lunges

:30 hollow rocks

:30 supermans

:30 bird dogs

:30 scorpions

:30 glute bridges



5 good mornings

5 bent over rows

5 stiff legged DL

5 Deadifts

5 stiff legged DL

Deadlift (Every 2 minutes for 30 minutes perform 2 deadlifts)

WOD Guidance

Warm-up to starting weight that you can comfortably hit for 2 reps. You may go up each set or work up to challenging set and stay at that weight. Challenge yourself and try to not drop the weight from the top, control it back to the ground and get the strength benefit of that eccentric portion.

Extra Work

4 sets for quality

12 barbell strict press