“31 Heroes” Raffle Drawing……


“31 Heroes” Raffle Drawing……

The Rules: You can only win one prize. If you have two winning ticketsĀ  you can claim the highest one. The next ticket on the list will move up in the case of repeat winners. First place has first choice of the prizes, second has second choice, third has third choice, fourth has fourth choice, and fifth place gets the last remaining prize. If you have a winning ticket, email me, message me on Facebook, or text me to let me know, and I will let you know what prizes you have to choose from. Thank you to everyone who purchased a ticket. We ended up raising $1204 yesterday, I couldn’t be more proud of everyone’s generosity, thank you again!

And the winners are……

1st, ticket #621458

2nd, ticket #621452

3rd, ticket #621453

4th, ticket #621457

5th, ticket #621462