Wednesday – September 16, 2015


Wednesday – September 16, 2015

Strength: 10 Min EMOM Double-Pause Deadlifts 1- 3 reps (3 Second pause).

**Weight should be between 40%-60% of 1 RM from earlier in the month. Newer athletes will work on form and use light weight.


6 Rounds (12 total minutes)

30 Seconds of work

30 Seconds of rest

Wall Balls 20/10

Row For Calories

**WOD will be 12 minutes. Athletes will wall ball for 30 seconds, write down total and transition to rower and vice versa for 6 rounds of each exercise.

**Athletes will rotate each time, 6 rounds of wall balls and 6 rounds of row for cals, if class has more than 10 athletes 2 heats will have to be run since we only have 5 rowers.

*Score will be total Cals and wall balls, Example Romeo: 100 Cal/200 Wall balls