Wednesday, 1-2-13


Wednesday, 1-2-13


“US Army PT Test”
2min max push-ups
2min max sit-ups
2 Mile Run

Finish with one max rep unbroken pull-ups

*All the moves are timed individually. Rest should not be more then about 5min in between moves. For the push-up one athlete will perform the movement while athlete #2 counts the rep and assures that proper form is conducted. Then alternate on a new clock and switch roles. The only authorized rest position is arching the back or sagging in the middle. if the athletes knees touch the floor the score is the last completed rep. On the sit-ups athlete #1 will preform the move while athlete #2 holds the athletes feet. Then they will swap using a fresh clock for countdown purposes. For the 2mile run the run will start at the pole on the sidewalk just in front of the building. All athletes will run to the mile marker, back to the pole, back to the mile marker, and back into the building to get there time.

PFC athletes,
It is that time of year again guys and gals! While other CrossFit boxes may start the year with a bench mark wod to evaluate your fitness level and almost always start the year with a “Paleo Challenge,” we would like to start the year doing something a little unorthodox. The year is going to start off with an army pt test. Throughout the year we will throw in entry and advance level physical fitness tests every now and then to measure what PFC is all about…Fitness to overcome the unknown and fitness for overall life. It’s cool to know your “Fran” time, but knowing how you stack up with “operator ugly” or the “secret service snatch test” is just as bad ass in our book.

We would like to thank each and every athlete who has stuck by The PFC Family this year, and want to wish everyone a very exciting and promising 2013.