Open Gym – Mon, Sep 4


Open Gym – Mon, Sep 4

PFC CrossFit – Open Gym

230904 (Time)

– RX –

9-15-21-27 reps for time:


DB thrusters (20/30 lb)

– Perform 10 shuttle runs (1 run = 25 ft down, 25 ft back) at the start of each round.


9-15-21-27 reps for time:


DB thrusters (15/20 lb)

– Perform 10 shuttle runs (1 run = 25 ft down, 25 ft back) at the start of each round.


9-12-15-18 reps for time:

Anchored sit-ups

DB thrusters (10/15 lb)

– Perform 6 shuttle runs (1 run = 25 ft down, 25 ft back) at the start of each round.

General Warm-up (No Measure)

1 set:

25-ft toe walk

25-ft heel walk

25-ft bunny hops

25-ft walking lunges

:20 hollow hold

10 alternating spiderman stretches

1 set:

4 shuttle runs (1 run = 25 ft down, 25 ft back)

5 tuck-ups

10 air squats, slow

– Focus on turning fully and then quarter-lunging to touch the floor during the runs.

1 set:

4 shuttle runs

5 V-ups

10 air squats, fast

– Focus on accelerating out of the touch at the start of each run.

Hands-free front squat

• Treat this like squat therapy.

1 set:

2-3 quarter squats

2-3 squats to above parallel

3-5 full-depth squats

– Hold the PVC on the shoulders for all reps.

Skill Work (4 Rounds for weight)


Every 2:00 x 4 sets/arm:

1 DB power clean

1 DB power snatch

1 DB thruster

1 DB overhead squat

– Complete the complex on each arm once every 2:00.

Stretching (No Measure)

1 set:

1:00 couch stretch/leg

1:00 cobra stretch

Work Your Weakness

Clean (“- STRENGTH I –
EMOM 14:
1 clean
– Increase loading across as many sets as possible.
– Aim to get close to 90%. This should not be a PR attempt. The goal is to find something heavy for the day.
– Attempts may be power cleans or squat cleans.

Record heaviest load lifted.

For load:
5 sets:
10 deadlifts
– Rest about 2:00-3:00 between sets.)

– Focus more on technically sound-fast sets. Consider the question… How fast can you move 225 pounds with good technique? In other words, yes we want to get heavy, but we also want to feel like we are moving the weight quickly, not grinding through 10 reps.

– Aim for percentages to be between 50-60% of your best 1-rep.

– Each set is meant to be unbroken. Feel free to rest with the bar at the top of the deadlift, but you should not have to let go of it at any point.

For load:
Every 1:30 x 10 sets:
3 push presses

– Look for the percentages to be between 75-85% of your 1-rep max.

– Think about keeping the barbell in contact with the shoulders while you are in the dip-drive phase. On the return, think about pulling the bar back to the shoulders and then into the bottom of the dip.


EMOM 14:

Min. 1 | :30 hollow rock

Min. 2 | :30 strict ring dips

– Try to move for as much for the :30 as possible.

– Goal ring dips: 7-12 reps per :30 interval.

– Substitute with banded ring dips or ring support holds as needed.

STAMINA I (Calories)

10 sets for calories:

:30 bike at 60 RPMs

:20 bike at 70 RPMs

:10 bike at 80+ RPMs

1:00 bike sub 60 RPMs

– Use a C2 Bike, Assault Bike, or Echo Bike.

– Additional monostructural volume to help increase cardiorespiratory endurance and longer workout stamina

CHAD 1000x – Week 1 (Checkmark)

Part 1:

5 sets for time:

100-m DB farmers carry (20/35 lb)

– Rest 2:00 between sets.

– Use two DBs.

Part 2:

4 rounds for reps:

:20 walking lunges

:10 rest

Rest 2:00

4 rounds for reps:

:20 box step-ups (20 in)

:10 rest
– This is week one in our preparation for the hero workout Chad. This workout will take place on November 11, 2023.

– Learn more, donate to the cause, and register for the event by clicking here .

– This extra work is meant to help you prepare for this workout.

– Use option such as weight and height of the box that represents how you plan to attack the “game day” workout on 11/11/2023.