CrossFit – Wed, May 24


CrossFit – Wed, May 24


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PFC CrossFit – CrossFit

30 Turkish Get-ups (Weight)

For quality and within a 15minute window. Choose load

WOD (Time)


Alternating pistol squats


Strict ring dips
12minute time cap

WOD Guidance

Today’s workout is a quick couplet of relatively high-skill gymnastics movements.

You’ll accumulate the majority of single-leg squats in the first three rounds, and save the majority of the ring dips for the last three rounds.

Pace the single leg squats early on to preserve your stamina for the rounds of 18, 16 and 14. Break up the ring dips early to preserve your ability to keep moving during the sets of 8, 9 and 10.

Movement substitutions:

Pistol squats: Reps, alternating single-leg squats to a box, high box step-ups

Strict ring dips: Reps, jump to support and controlled lower ring dips, foot-assisted ring dips, box dips

Cool Down

1:00 banded shoulder stretch/side

1:00 couch stretch/side