CrossFit – Tue, May 16


CrossFit – Tue, May 16


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PFC CrossFit – CrossFit

Push Jerk (12 minutes to build to heavy single for the day)

WOD (Time)


400m run

10 push jerks 155/105

WOD Guidance

If unable to complete 400m run in under 2:30 reduce distance. Push jerk weight she be a moderately heavy weight but allows you to finish each set in two sets or less. I know we say sometimes to use run to recover, for this one push the run. Goal time for this workout is under 14 minutes.

If unable to run, substitutions are:

1000m/800m C2 bike

1250/900 Echo bike

500/400m row

500/400m ski erg

Extra Work

Accumulate 5 min sandbag hold (bear hug)


2 sets

200m overheaddumbbell or KB carry (switch hands at 100m)