CrossFit – Sat, Apr 15


CrossFit – Sat, Apr 15


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PFC CrossFit – CrossFit

Round down and run (Time)

With a partner “You go, I go”

30 rounds

3 deadlifts 135/95

3 burpee over bar

20 rounds

3 clean & jerks

3 burpee over bar

10 rounds

3 Power snatches

3 burpee over bar

Cash out 800m partner relay (partner A runs 200m tags partner B for 200). each partner runs twice.

WOD Guidance

Use the same weight for all movements. Yes, I know many of you can deadlift the weight but not snatch it. I promise you it wont matter. The snatch weight will be deciding factor for most. Each partner performs one complete round and switch back and forth until all 60 rounds are complete. No more than two barbells per team. If need for a team of three arises it will be 36 rounds in first, 24 rounds in second and 12 rounds in last. Stay in same order throughout workout. For the cash out it will be a 1200m relayrun. You will get a little more rest but that means when its your turn you can go harder and faster!

When you get to relay run, send it!