CrossFit – Mon, Jun 5


CrossFit – Mon, Jun 5


Every Monday you will see the extra work for the week. It will be labeled as Strength, Stamina, or skill. If you want to do extra work you can reference back to Monday and choose one you’d like to do. This is totally optional and intended for those who might want a little more on some days. I will get it displayed on the whiteboard at the gym and updated weekly but use the app for now. Thanks!

PFC CrossFit – CrossFit

230605 (Distance)

– RX –

Conditioning challenge:

20:00 to establish max meters on a machine of your choice.


Same as RX’d


Same as RX’d

General Warm-up (No Measure)

2:00 row, bike, or SkiErg

1 set:

10 alternating spiderman stretches

5 push-ups to down dog

10 air squats, slow and controlled

5 push-ups to down dog

10 reverse lunges

5 push-ups to down dog

10 single-leg squats or air squats

Stretching (Checkmark)


1:00 foam roll quads

1:00 foam roll lower back

1:00 foam roll calves

Work Your Weakness

Strength I (7 Rounds for weight)

For load:

7 sets:

6 alternating back rack lunges

– Increase loading across as many sets as possible.

Skill I (Checkmark)

5 sets:

:30 handstand hold

10 single-leg box jumps/leg

5 wall walks

– Rest 2:00

– Perform single-leg box jumps to a height that you can maintain fluid and consistent reps.

– Scale wall walks to a partial range of motion or 7 inch worms + push-up.

Skill II (Checkmark)

5 sets:

20 hollow rocks

20 seated leg raises

Stamina I (Time)

5 rounds for time:

400/500-m SkiErg

– Rest 2:00 between rounds

– Substitute 400/500-m row.