Karl Atkinson


Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Arizona State University.  Assistant Strength and conditioning coach for Dobson high school in Mesa Arizona in 2002. Competed in USA weightlifting competitions through my freshman year in college. Competed in, or coached track and field throws events for 24 years.

About Me:
I am the fat kid. I began throwing the shot put and discus when I was in Junior high only because my older brother was joining the track team and it was the only sport that did not separate teams by grade level. Throwing is where the kids who couldn’t run went. I spent that year getting taunted and out thrown. Sibling rivalry became my motivation to throw farther. I found that the better my technique was in throwing and in lifting, the more effective and dominant I became as an athlete. I strive to be as technically sound with my lifting as I do with hammer throwing. My technical ability lead me to the Arizona State University track and field team and at one time I held the 9th farthest hammer throw in school history.

I have had the great fortune to learn lifting technique and throwing technique from National Champions as well as Olympians. I am of the opinion that an athlete should learn any technique that high level athletes and coaches are willing to teach them, then use the one style that works best for them. Olympic lifting and the throws events go hand in hand, and great technical ability in all lifts transition well to any occupation, including my current one as a police officer. I am excited to be teaching technique to this box full of people with such competitive mindsets.