McKenna Lampe


McKenna Lampe

PFCC Coach

Certifications:  CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

About me:

I have a dance background as a choreographer and professional dancer. During my dance career I incorporated CrossFit into my life and found that CrossFit was a lifestyle I wanted to pursue. CrossFit has benefited me physically by being therapeutic for my chronic back injury as well as mentally by giving me a healthy outlet. I have a commitment to helping others accomplish a better way of life through my encouragement, competitiveness, and dedication. I am currently a Pre-Med and Kinesiology student at UNLV and aspire to go to Medical School to specialize as a cardiothoracic trauma surgeon.

In addition to WOD Classes, I also coach PFC Pink. PFC Pink is a Women’s Specific Post WOD class that focusses on movements to transform body composition.